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How do we know this dog is safe to adopt into society?


Temperament Testing for Private Individuals: Are you thinking of acquiring a new dog for your family and want to make sure the dog you are considering is safe and a good choice for your lifestyle and environment? Having conducted almost one thousand temperament tests of her own research and design, Sarah Kalnajs can give you the answers you seek. A Blue Dog temperament test is similar to a personality test in people. It can tell you what the dog will act like in many situations to a high probability. It can tell you if the dog has a tendency towards aggression or resource guarding. It can tell you whether the dog is a good choice for a home with children or a home that is planning to have children during the dog's lifetime. With so many dogs adopted and then surrendered because they weren't a good "fit", many clients have been thrilled with the help from Blue Dog in selecting their new pet.

There are hundreds of wonderful dogs in shelters and rescues across the country. Puppies are cute, but they are a lot of work and often times an adult dog is a better choice for a home with children because you know what you're getting. Please consider adoption from a shelter or rescue.

Additionally, if you are involved in a dispute over your dog’s behavior with neighbors, landlords or other individuals, or an Animal Control Dangerous Dog Investigation is being conducted, a temperament assessment and written evaluation by professional behavior consultant Sarah Kalnajs can be a great asset to you. If your dog is deemed to be dangerous during the testing procedure, you will be informed of the potential risks as well as any proactive steps you can take to improve the situation.

Temperament Testing for Animal Shelters: Blue Dog offers contract temperament testing services throughout southern Wisconsin on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis. Sarah comes to your shelter with a fully trained assistant and the dogs your shelter chooses are tested with full documentation provided (written and videotape) as well as placement recommendations. Temperament testing increases the adoptability of animals in your shelter as it gives adopters a better understanding of the dog they are considering and gives the shelter a better idea of the ideal adopter match for each dog.

Additionally, Blue Dog offers temperament test training for shelter staff along with all the required tools and documentation so that your shelter can have it's own objective and consistent method of assessing dogs prior to placement. Generally this training is done with a minimum of four individuals (two trained as primary testers and two trained as secondary testers) in four half-day or two full-day sessions. The training also includes behavior modification techniques that can help increase each dog’s adoptability. Please contact for more information.

Blue Dog Temperament Test Safety Belt: Having the right tools is critical to safe testing. Blue Dog has designed the first-of-its-kind Temperament Test Safety Belt for shelters and animal control facilities to use when handling and testing dogs.

The belt gives you full mobility while testing, is strong enough to withstand the pulling of the strongest and largest breeds, has a quick release for safety, and Kevlar construction that stands up to the most determined leash-chewers. It also allows you to change leash length on-the-fly (3, 4 or 6 feet) without ever unhooking the dog! Please contact to order your belt or for more information

Clients rave about Sarah’s Temperament Assessment skills

January 7, 2004

Sarah’s consulting services has enabled the Lakeland Animal Shelter to implement a comprehensive temperament screening process. As a shelter manager, nothing is more frustrating than adoption that is returned. And there is no more difficult a decision than determining if a dog is incapable of being placed in a home environment and therefore a candidate for euthanasia.

Sarah’s expertise and professional advice has provided the shelter staff with a set of tools and techniques to properly assess a dog’s temperament. She has educated staff members on how to pinpoint particular problem areas and more clearly define a dog’s adoptability. In turn, Sarah has trained staff and volunteers in behavior modification methods and handling techniques. These techniques will then increases a dog’s adoptability and decrease it’s chances of being returned. Sarah’s consultation has been the foundation of what is now an organized, measured, meticulous adoption program that enables the Lakeland Animal Shelter to give a dog their best chance for finding a permanent home.

However, the greatest thing about Blue Dog Training is Sarah herself. An incredibly professional & compassionate person, Sarah has an amazing ability to translate her vast technical knowledge in the area of dog behavior, into a straightforward, understandable format. This ability and her endless patience allows her to take any willing volunteer, with little or no experience, and equip them with the necessary tools to properly handle and evaluate a dog. It is this amazing talent to work with people as well as dogs, which makes Sarah Kalnajs so very special.

I would strongly recommend Sarah’s consulting services to any individual, breed rescue, or humane society.

Kristen Perry, Shelter Manager, Lakeland Animal Welfare Society

I so appreciate all you have done for us!  You have really given me insight regarding helping some really stubborn dachshunds and helped us give dogs a chance that might not otherwise have had one!

Michele Ambrose, Midwest Dachsund Rescue

We initially contacted Sarah at Blue Dog for her help in finding our newest canine family member. We were determined to find the right fit for our family of two kids and five cats. In a very short time, Sarah connected us with the perfect dog, Danny. Sarah performed the temp testing and helped to determine that he had the right personality for fitting in with our family. Danny is everything we were looking for and more. He is gentle with our children, playful with the cats, and an absolute joy of a dog. After we brought Danny home, Sarah continued to provide us an enormous amount of support and training advice. We look forward to continuing our relationship with Sarah and would highly recommend Sarah to help in your dog search or training needs.”

Tia and Mike

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