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Why does my dog do things that he KNOWS are wrong?


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PricesProblem behavior modification / counseling appointments cover nuisance behaviors of the chewing, digging and barking variety to more serious issues such as resource guarding, dog-to-dog and dog-to-human aggression, separation anxiety, fear and handling issues. In this typically 90 minute consultation, Sarah will take a complete history of your dog and the presenting problem, help you set realistic expectations for improvement, and present you with a detailed written plan tailored to work for your individual personality and lifestyle to improve your dog's behavior. Follow-up via phone and email is encouraged and AT NO CHARGE! If you are from out of town (as many Blue Dog clients are) and your dog's issue is one that can be viably worked with outside of your home, Sarah will see you at her home office in Madison, WI.

Clients rave about Sarah’s behavior consult skills

Sarah is a natural...she must be part canine. :) My husband and I were having problems with our second rescue dog when he hit adolescence. He became aggressive with our other dog. We had gone to another well-known behaviorist in our area and were not comfortable with the plan we were given. When Sarah entered our house and knew how our obnoxious adolescent was going to react we knew she was the behaviorist that could help us. My husband and I were impressed with her wealth of knowledge and how well she explained things. It is obvious that Sarah loves helping people and their pets. I work at a veterinary clinic and have referred several clients to her. They tell me how happy they are with the results they have achieved. Just like my husband and I, they don't know what they would have done without Sarah's help. We haven't experienced any aggressive behavior since we were two weeks into Sarah's plan and that was nine months ago. We highly recommend Sarah. She goes above and beyond what one would expect!

Kim & Scott Jaeger

Sarah made a huge difference for my formerly "problem" doggy. You can teach an old dog (and owner) new tricks. At age 7, Sebastian went from being a dog who sometimes stole and guarded "treasures", growling and snapping, to being a beloved member of the household, not touching the cat food, going to the dog park and playing well with other dogs. Sarah was patient, thorough, and helped me understand -- and follow through on what Sebastian needed to behave well.

We just started working with Sarah and so far are having a great experience. She is thorough, clear, a very good teacher and really seems to care about all dogs and people involved! We particularly appreciate the amount of time and energy she's spent on our case (our German Shepherds are engaged in a serious status war), both in the session and during her free follow-ups. She seems really committed to helping us until we see a positive outcome. I wish we'd consulted her earlier.

We have seen a considerable difference in Packer. We have taught him 'down' using the treats. He will go down every time. He only picks up the shoes once and awhile now, we also told our families and friends when they come over not to make a big deal about Packer when he comes to the door so he has not peed in the house either. He loves when we play hide the cookie. We have only done it in the living room so far. We feed him one meal a day from our hands. We also throw his food in the yard twice a week. He has not growled at us at all, even when we take something out of his mouth if he doesn't drop it when we tell him too. He also is giving up on getting our attention every second of the day. We usually have to go to him to give him attention now, when we want too. I would like to thank you again for helping us with Packer. We do love him and it would have hurt us a lot if we would have had to put him down. He seems like a different dog to us. I know most of his problems were what we caused and after being at your place and talking to you we saw that clearly. Thanks again.

Leslie Hayek

Thank you for taking the time to give me advice for our dog; he is now on medication for his bladder control and you were right, it is a medical condition!

The person you referred me to for help choosing a veterinarian in our area was also a wonderful and helpful contact; it is so nice to know that there are honest people like both of you out there to help. You didn't try to "make a buck" and you put the health of my dog first.

Thank you again for helping my family become "adjusted". You took time to improve the quality of my life with my husband and my dogs (whom are very dear to both my husband and myself).”

Lisa A. Baiocchi Witt

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