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Sarah Kalnajs, Certified Dog Behavior Consultant & Certified Pet Dog Trainer APDT/ABMA/IAABC
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Help! My puppy needs to learn about the world around it but I work all day.


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New Puppy ABCs: In this 60-90 minute appointment, Sarah will show you how to get your puppy off on the right foot - what your puppy learns in the first eight to sixteen weeks of life plays a major role in determining what kind of adult dog you will have! This is the perfect appointment for those of you who have gotten a puppy but have to wait two, three or even four weeks to get into a local puppy socialization class. It only takes a few days for your puppy to learn the wrong behaviors, so this session, before your socialization class begins could be the most important 90 minutes of your puppy's early education!

Sarah covers all the basics, including socialization tips, feeding, house training, basic obedience, handling, problem prevention and "how to speak dog", as well as what to expect down the road as your puppy matures into adolescence and adulthood.

Clients rave about Sarah’s consulting skills

Put simply, Sarah is incredible. We wouldn't have the dog we have (and our sanity) if it were not for Sarah. For starters, she helped us puppy-proof our house and gave us a thousand ways to socialize our new puppy. Our dog is so well adjusted because Sarah took the time to impress upon us the importance of early socialization. We were able to successfully and quickly housetrain our dog thanks to Sarah's simple and systematic plan. We learned practical stuff like how to give our dog a treat, what to do when a stranger comes to the door and how to tell when dog-play is too rough or just right. Sarah has a deep understanding of dog psychology and she is able to transform complex ideas into understandable and observable behaviors. Thanks to Sarah, we are aware of our dog's stress and excitement and we are able to take proactive steps to shape his behavior. Sarah helped us to train our dog (and train us) the basic commands with clear & concise language. Sarah not only came to our house on a regular basis, but also met us at the dog park, corresponded over e-mail and returned our phone calls to help with ongoing puppy issues. We are forever indebted to Sarah for teaching us how to love our dog more fully.

Robin & Wayne Day-Laporte

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NEW DOG ABCssad puppy

New Dog ABCs: So you have a new dog! Whether this is your first dog, or you haven't had a dog for quite a few years, this is the appointment for you! In this 60 to 90 minute appointment, Sarah helps you and your dog adjust to your new life together - from teaching his or her name, to brushing up on basic obedience skills, to creating a harmonious household with other pets, to learning how to keep your dog active and fit mentally as well as physically. Problem prevention, and solutions to common nuisance behaviors your dog may have arrived with are also covered in this very informative session.

Clients rave about Sarah’s consulting skills

November 19, 2004

I had successfully owned dogs for over twenty years. With my next dog, I changed breeds from Scottish Terriers to a Whippet. With prior experience, lots of Internet research and plenty of books on the shelf, I thought I had prepared my self for training Glencora.

Wrong.  Glencora was more of a challenge than expected. As I encountered behavior problems, the web sites devoted to the breeds were no help. Books were worse. I found the advice often contradictory. Without sound advice to correct Glencora’s destructive behavior, she became a difficult, insecure puppy whose behavior was worsening as she grew.

A home visit with Sarah changed matters in days. Her advice was logical, consistent and significantly different than the book advice. Glencora responded well to the challenge of Sarah’s program and in only a few days became an absolute delight to work with. The destructive acts when experienced when Glencora steadily diminished.

Glencora’s confidence around other dogs improved tremendously. She went from being insecure dog to expecting to play.

After following Sarah’s advice, Glencora has become a marvelous companion.   Her advice was worth was worth every cent. From now on, I will never get another dog without consulting with Sarah first.

John Koskinen
Madison, WI

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