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How do I teach my dog not to bark so much?


wagging tail dogIn-home obedience training: Blue Dog tailors a training plan that is specific to your dog and your goals in your own home! Our focus is on teaching the behaviors that are most important to you in a way that is easy and fun for both you and your dog. By opening the doors of communication and understanding, Blue Dog training packages go above and beyond teaching your dog basic obedience signals and provide you with a strong foundation of understanding what motivates your dog to do the things he or she does.

What is different about In-Home Dog Training?
Does your dog jump up on visitors at the door? We will teach your dog to go to a designated target spot (that you can take with you when you visit others with your very well-mannered dog) and stay there until you release him! Because he is learning behaviors such as this in the actual environment in which he will be expected to perform them, the learning is quicker, the behavior is more reliable and you and your visitors are much happier!

This is just one of many behaviors that is better learned in a home environment than a classroom setting. Other advantages of In-Home training are one-on-one attention and focus on you and your dog. This allows us to find the best method to teach your dog each behavior instead of a classroom cookie-cutter approach. Additionally, because the focus is on you and you alone, clients have said that they are really motivated to “do their homework” (5 minutes twice a day is all it takes) so they can move forward at their next session. In group classes it can be easy to hide if you haven't practiced!

Clients rave about Sarah’s In-home dog training

Having our own personal dog trainer has made our 'life with puppy' not only enjoyable but rewarding. Sarah seems to be able to get our puppy to do in a matter of minutes what we've tried for hours to do. She really has been a teacher for our whole family:dog, kids, and adults alike. Her time with us has been personal, warm and instructive. We'd all wag our tails if we could when we see her coming up our walk!

Thanks from Morgan and his loving family

Our experience with Sarah has been great!! Our whole family including Nicki the dog, looks forward to Sundays.  Having Sarah come right to our house has been extremely helpful-we tried group puppy classes but we didn't seem to get much out of them--after only three weeks with Sarah we feel that we have a calm and happy dog!!   She uses common sense and explains things to us (the people) that make sense--like using lots of positive re-enforcement-which makes everything fun for us and the dog!
Before we called Sarah I wasn't sure if the dog and I could live together-now we've become friends--which makes my 12 and 13 year old very happy!
Thanks Sarah!

Laurie Nicholson, Bob, Karrie, and Max and Nicki too

Sarah's up beat and enthusiastic personality makes training a relaxed and fun experience for both dog and human.

Nicole Skrivanie

Put simply, Sarah is incredible. We wouldn't have the dog we have (and our sanity) if it were not for Sarah. For starters, she helped us puppy-proof our house and gave us a thousand ways to socialize our new puppy. Our dog is so well adjusted because Sarah took the time to impress upon us the importance of early socialization. We were able to successfully and quickly housetrain our dog thanks to Sarah's simple and systematic plan. We learned practical stuff like how to give our dog a treat, what to do when a stranger comes to the door and how to tell when dog-play is too rough or just right. Sarah has a deep understanding of dog psychology and she is able to transform complex ideas into understandable and observable behaviors. Thanks to Sarah, we are aware of our dog's stress and excitement and we are able to take proactive steps to shape his behavior. Sarah helped us to train our dog (and train us) the basic commands with clear & concise language. Sarah not only came to our house on a regular basis, but also met us at the dog park, corresponded over e-mail and returned our phone calls to help with ongoing puppy issues. We are forever indebted to Sarah for teaching us how to love our dog more fully.

Robin & Wayne Day-Laporte

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