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Sarah Kalnajs, Certified Dog Behavior Consultant & Certified Pet Dog Trainer APDT/ABMA/IAABC
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Why does my dog do things that he KNOWS are wrong?


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PricesProblem behavior modification / counseling appointments cover nuisance behaviors of the chewing, digging and barking variety to more serious issues such as resource guarding, dog-to-dog and dog-to-human aggression, separation anxiety, fear and handling issues. In this typically 90 minute consultation, Sarah will take a complete history of your dog and the presenting problem, help you set realistic expectations for improvement, and present you with a detailed written plan tailored to work for your individual personality and lifestyle to improve your dog's behavior. Follow-up via phone and email is encouraged and AT NO CHARGE! If you are from out of town (as many Blue Dog clients are) and your dog's issue is one that can be viably worked with outside of your home, Sarah will see you at her home office in Madison, WI.

Clients rave about Sarah’s behavior consult skills

Sarah, we have seen a considerable difference in Packer. We have taught him 'down' using the treats. He will go down every time. He only picks up the shoes once and awhile now, we also told our families and friends when they come over not to make a big deal about Packer when he comes to the door so he has not peed in the house either. He loves when we play hide the cookie. We have only done it in the living room so far. We feed him one meal a day from our hands. We also throw his food in the yard twice a week. He has not growled at us at all, even when we take something out of his mouth if he doesn't drop it when we tell him too. He also is giving up on getting our attention every second of the day. We usually have to go to him to give him attention now, when we want too. I would like to thank you again for helping us with Packer. We do love him and it would have hurt us a lot if we would have had to put him down. He seems like a different dog to us. I know most of his problems were what we caused and after being at your place and talking to you we saw that clearly. Thanks again.

Leslie Hayek

Sarah is very knowledgeable.  She spent a good deal of time with us, answered all my questions and left me with a list of practical suggestions
for future work with my dog. I especially appreciated her fee reduction for rescued dogs! I would highly recommend her.

Lori Mettel

Sarah's up beat and enthusiastic personality makes training a relaxed and fun experience for both dog and human.

Nicole Skrivanie

We greatly appreciated being coached by Sarah to help us enable our dog to become better mannered through simple, doable strategies.

Mariana Hewson

My dog Phoenix immediately responds positively to Sarah!  I see his eagerness to learn and please.  He also sees that he is not going to get away with unwanted behavior. Sarah is training ME to properly train my dog.

Starlight Tews

Sarah has impressed us with her knowledge. She explains canine psychology in a way that makes sense!

We have only been working with her for a couple of weeks but we have seen quite a difference in our dogs. Her "Status Reduction Program" has really helped. Our dogs aren't as pushy and are learning to be more polite. Sarah has exceeded our expectations of what progress our dogs could make in such a short time. We highly recommend her.

We look forward to learning more from her and seeing our dogs continue to improve.

Thanks again Sarah!

Kim & Scott Jaeger

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