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Sarah Kalnajs, Certified Dog Behavior Consultant & Certified Pet Dog Trainer APDT/ABMA/IAABC
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Blue Dog Training & Behavior LLC solves current problems, prevents future problems and shapes behavior to improve things with your four legged friend.

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In-home behavior consultations: covering problem behaviors from the chewing, digging and barking variety to resource guarding, anxiety and fear issues, dog-to-dog and dog-to-human aggression. In this typically 90-minute to two-hour consultation, Sarah will take a complete history of your dog and the presenting problem, help you set realistic expectations for improvement and present you with a detailed written plan tailored to work for your individual personality and lifestyle to improve your dog's behavior. Follow up via phone and email is encouraged and AT NO CHARGE! If you are from out of town, as many Blue Dog clients are, and your dog's issue is one that can be viably worked with outside of your home, Sarah will see you out of her home office in Madison. Weekday, evening and Sunday appointments are available.

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In-home obedience training: (Basic manners through advanced off-leash work) Group obedience classes are great but sometimes you can't fit them into your schedule, or perhaps your dog is not a good candidate for group class. We've taught both group classes and private sessions and have found that training your dog in your own home has several distinct advantages. With home training the focus is on you, your dog, and the skills and behaviors YOU want your dog to learn - Blue Dog designs exercises tailored specifically to your environment and lifestyle. This training is the "real thing" practiced and perfected right where your dog to needs to behave best in your home! Blue Dog makes training fun for your entire family!

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New Puppy ABCs: You've got a new puppy and what that puppy learns during the time between eight and sixteen weeks of age is going to play a major role in what kind of adult dog you will have. Blue Dog covers all the basics, including socialization tips, feeding, house training, basic obedience, handling, problem prevention and "how to speak dog", as well as what to expect down the road as your puppy matures into adolescence and adulthood. Think of this as "the missing manual" that your puppy didn't come with!

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Preparing your dog for a new baby: In this sixty minute appointment, Sarah will cover all aspects of preparing your dog for the pending arrival. What to do before baby comes, when baby comes home and after your child's arrival going right through those toddler years! Make this important transition an easy one for both you and your dog with the Blue Dog New Baby appointment!

angry dog over fencePet Sitting, Boarding and Exercise for dogs: Sometimes you just need to get away,right? Blue Dog's highly qualified pet sitters provide pet sitting and exercise services (including overnights) for all dogs including those with behavior problems such as aggression towards people or other dogs. Take the worry out of your day or extended travel plans with Blue Dogs customized services tailored to meet the needs of you and your dog(s). Would you like some training done while you travel? Are you in the middle of a behavior modification program and want to make sure that it is kept up while you are gone?  Just in need of a lunch time exercise visit?  Blue Dog provides care in your home or ours for the day, the week or whatever your specific need.

big bulldogWhat every new dog owner should knoW / Dog Fundamentals Think of this appointment as "Dogs, the missing manual" to make sure you get started on the right paw with your new dog. A 90-minute to two-hour session with Sarah that covers all the basics from diet and health care, working with issues such as nuisance barking, jumping and digging to problem prevention and "What do I do when...."

frisbee dogChoosing a dog for your family...Did you know that only 67% of dogs in the United States stay in one home for their entire lives and that the most common age of dogs surrendered to shelters is 1 to 3 years old? A major reason for these dismal statistics is the fact that many people don't really know what kind of dog would best suit their family and lifestyle. They don't know how to find a good breeder or how to pick a good rescue or shelter dog. Blue Dog's dog selection service covers everything you need to know to determine the size, breed and temperament of the dog that will best fit your family. Sarah can also personally help you find a good breeder or even select and evaluate dogs.

Testimonial of the Month

We visited you last December with Bailey, a Border Collie mix rescue from a rural humane society.  I am pleased to inform you that we are making wonderful progress with him these past 4 months.  He is such a joy to be around and a calm companion both in and outside – and he LOVES his daily walks!   I think he LOVES his new home here on our farm.  He just hangs around us when we are outside and if strangers who drive in ignore him, we have no problems.   We have visited MadCat and he has done very well with strangers who I instruct how to approach.  The last visit he simply laid down at my feet while the clerk approached and discussed a question I had about a product.   I plan to also take him to our Vet’s office and sit for short periods to desensitize him.  Your program of counter conditioning really works!   Oh, and I should tell you he loves “find it” games, not to mention “leave it”!   We even have him “over” his fear of the vacuum cleaner!
We now have a dog that will tolerate strangers coming to the door leaving packages or fuel delivery trucks (not a peep), and using your methods we have begun slowly introducing strangers (family/friends) into the house.  Recently we successfully introduced our 13 yr old grandson who had Bailey eating out of his hand and accepting his “proper” greeting.  I have not let my guard down with his fear and aggression issues yet, and probably never will.  However, I have found your suggestions for management of his behavior to be very helpful. 

Carol Burns  

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